Are you ready to make a video record of your teaching?

What is on your computer’s hard disc? Preserve your computer data. March/April, 2012. The Language Teacher. Vol 36, No. 2. p.37-39.

Cheap, ubiquitous technology has made video production and distribution accessible for any teacher. A video teaching portfolio or class record is becoming part of the application process for some employment or professional development opportunities. Both the Apple Distinguished Educator and the Google Certified Teacher programs require prospective participants to submit a short video application. Some search committees also request a class or demonstration video from job applicants. A simple, well-edited video is a chance to show yourself at your best. But, by the time you hear of a great opportunity, you may not be able to capture your teaching on video before the deadline. The new school year is the perfect time to start recording what makes you special as a teacher or researcher. A few inexpensive tools are enough, and you may already have them.

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