List of Twitter accounts (possibly) related to the Japan Association for Language Teaching

The Japan Association for Language Teaching promotes good teaching and professional development for language educators around Japan and internationally. The group is composed on the national organization, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), local Chapters, and committees and projects such as publishing JALT Journal, The Language Teacher, and Conference Proceedings. Many Twitter users have set up accounts for various parts of the organization. I cannot vouch for the official nature of some of these accounts, but most of them seem legitimate. I have copied the profile information as-is.

Of course, some of them tweeted just a few times and are now dormant, but please follow any of these that you feel are useful, or maybe just add them to a list. Following the hashtag #JALT will also bring you all kinds of other (possibly related) messages.

If you have an account related to JALT that I missed, please contact me or just comment below.

JALT National

  • JALT Central Office @JALTCentralOffi
  • JALT Events @jaltevents
    Upcoming events for chapters and SIGs of the Japan Association for Language Teaching


  • JALT Conference 2012 ‏ @JALTConference
    38th Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning & Educational Materials Exhibition 12 – 15 October, 2012, Hamamatsu


  • JALT Publications ‏ @jalt_pubs
    Publications of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
  • TLT Wired @TLT_Wired
    TLT Wired is a column on technology for educators in the monthly JALT publication, The Language Teacher Japan.

Special Interest Groups

  • Business English SIG @jaltbesig Contexts, Consensus, Collaboration, Community, Contacts, Competition – Business English
  • GILE SIG @gilesig Global Issues in Language Education (GILE) is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Japan Association of Language Teaching (JALT)
  • jaltcue @jaltcue
    The Japan Association for Language Teacher’s College and University SIG’s Twitter page
    Japan ·
    Materials Writers SIG
  • JALT TC SIG ‏ @jalttcsig
    Teaching Children SIG
    JALT Teacher Education and Development (TED) special interest group.
  • JALT CALL @jaltcall


  • FukuokaJALT ‏@FukuokaJALT
    Fukuoka, Japan ·
  • GifuJALT ‏ @GifuJALT
    Gifu Chapter ofJapan Association of Language Teachers
  • HiroshimaJALT ‏ @hiroshimajalt
    This is the HiroshimaJALT chapter Twitter feed.
  • NagasakiJALT ‏ @NagasakiJALT
    The official account for the Nagasaki Chapter ofJALT, a non-profit organization connecting language teachers in and around Nagasaki
  • JALT ‏ @jaltokinawa
    Serving Okinawa for over thirty years.
  • OsakaJALT ‏ @osakajalt
    The Osaka Chapter of theJapan Association for Language Teaching (JALT).
  • Jalt Shinshu ‏ @jaltshinshu
    ShinshuJALT is the local Chapter of the Japan Assoc. Language Teachers, covering Nagano Prefecture. Promote professional development and cultural integration.
  • TokyoJALT ‏ @tokyo_jalt
    Official Twitter feed for the Tokyo chapter ofJALT.
  • YokohamaJALT ‏ @YokohamaJalt

5 responses to “List of Twitter accounts (possibly) related to the Japan Association for Language Teaching

  1. Ted,

    Good list, but what is arbitrary cthonic text?!

  2. ELT Calendar has a page of Twitter accounts of the teachers organizations that post events on the site.

    • Thanks, Bill. I see there are a few I missed. Search on Twitter flaky? Never! I’ll add them later. I wanted just JALT-related accounts (which I have to start to keep track of) and figured I might as well share them. They seem to keep popping up as people make accounts on and ad hoc basis. Some of them even get the name of the organization wrong! (Teaching not Teachers,right?)

      • Bill Pellowe

        Right, JALT changed its name in the 90s from “Japan Association of Language Teachers” to “Japan Association for Language Teaching”.

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