Through a glass sparkly

This comment on the E-Learning and Digital Cultures mooc is kind of a tangent to COETAIL, but I’m throwing it out  there anyway for a couple of reasons.

  • We discussed Google+ last night and I’m trying to find my way around using it well. This is one post in a large community. Others might want to see how it worked out.
  • The subject video and the G+ post are about education in some ways.
  • The vid presents one image of technology in daily life
  • It lets me get my rant on !     😉

Watch “A Day Made of Glass 2”

My notes on Google+

2 responses to “Through a glass sparkly

  1. I agree with your overall sentiment that the video presents a very limited view of what we can do with this technology. However, I guess my reaction is more of a: “well, this is what a corporation can come up with, how I can use my creativity to make it better, more than what they can imagine”. I’m OK with them being limited, and only thinking of what they can think of, they are after all, a glassware company. But what can we do with it, once it’s common place. How can we modify, create, expand and develop this innovation to be something truly enriching (rather than being disappointed in their lack of creativity). Just my two cents.

  2. Yes, I know, it’s just an advertisement. And, maybe I took it too seriously/literally, but where do people outside education get their ideas about what should happen? Often from ads, I think.

    I should have added more context about edcmooc. This was one of the main video discussion prompts for a unit and we were looking at things on a set of utopian/dystopian coordinates.

    I do sometimes worry a bit about the templatization of so much (including this blog). The bad old days of everyone designing their own webpages from scratch including weird animated gifs, purple backgrounds with red text, etc. had some problems, but almost everything I read or write these days is in a template. We can all recognize a Pages template in an instant. In a better (utopian?) ad, they might have shown kids having fun being creative, but I digress…

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