KOTESOL2017 Featured Speaker



CLIL SEMINAR 2017 日本 CLIL 教育学会主催 Japan CLIL Pedagogy Association (J-CLIL) “統合型学習の様々な試み Diverse attempts at integrated learning”

Implementing CLIL in the Faculty of International Social Sciences
at Gakushuin University(English)
Kay Irie, Laura MacGregor, Tim Marchand, & Ted O’Neill





The 4th CamTESOL Conference, February 2008, National Institute for Education

Self-assessment Tool for Improving Curriculum

Creating and Using a Self-assessment Tool for Improving Curriculum. February, 2008. CamTESOL (National Institute for Education).

Second Annual FD SD Symposium, September 2008, J. F. Oberlin University.

桜美林のFD・SDこれまでの成果と今後の課題 Current Themes and Progress in SD and FD in theELP AT J. F. Oberlin University. September, 2008.

Japan Association for Language Teaching Annual Conference, November 2008

Get published in JALT publications


The 3rd CamTESOL conference, 24-25 February 2007

Abstract: Teachers in Cambodia have a unique perspective to share with their colleagues around Asia and the rest of the world. When teachers write articles for publication, they reflect more deeply on their knowledge, experience, and practice. Publication can also be important for advancement in the profession. This poster presentation will give practical information on how teachers can plan, prepare, and submit articles to journals overseas. The presenter will also provide submission details for a range of publications. Teachers with a particular interest in publishing in Japan should bring questions and ideas for discussion.

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