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Time to try a new publishing model

A few friends, former co-workers, and other like-minded English teachers in Japan are going to strike out on our own and leave our traditional textbook publishers behind. After publishing graded readers for language learners adapted from the Choose Your Own Adventure series as dead tree editions, we’re ready to go one better. My friend Marcos Benevides has set up Atama-ii Books and he’s decided to go the Kickstarter route–amazingly enough a first for ELT publishing!

Need some entertainment?

Please visit and watch my very earnest and dorky appearance in our promo video. I hope we hit the right balance between English teacher geeks and Internet pitchmen. Fortunately, the books themselves will be better. We will be putting these out initially as Apple iBooks and on Amazon. The first few designs I’ve seen look great.

ai Marsai Empireai Zombies

Why do we need Kickstarter funding?

A few reasons. One, we are teachers after all, not investment bankers. I’m sure we’ll go ahead a bit more slowly and simply on our own nickel if the Kickstarter doesn’t come through, but we hope it does. Two, artwork. We’re writers not painters. Much of that will go for illustrations and design. And, it looks like we’re getting our money’s worth. Three, KS seems to be a great way to get some initial press and collect a group of confirmed supporters. Four, it’s just the thing to do these days, isn’t it?

But seriously

We could use the support, even if that support is just passing the word by email or your social networking service of choice. And, if this works, we’ll have demonstrated how other ELT authors can get published on their own terms and not have to just accept what is offered by the edugoliaths out there.