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Do you dare drink from the Cup of Death?

Here is a little teaser for one of my upcoming presentations at the JALT2012 conference. This is a commercial presentation sponsored by McGraw-Hill Education Asia. They are publishing the new series of Choose Your Own Adventure graded readers that I have been working on. Marcos Benevides is the series editor and he asked me to contribute 4 of the 30 titles in the series. (Disclaimer: The Cup of Death is actually Mark Firth’s book, but I’m using it for this workshop because it is set in Japan.)

Update: At risk of giving people no reason to come to my presentation, here is my handout.

It’s quite helpful if people know the story background ahead of time, but we’ll have sample copies of the book to give away. If my narration grates on your nerves, you can read the beginning of the book yourself quite quickly at the conference. Hope to see you there.

Interactive reading to deepen learner engagement

Saturday, 13 October 2012 6:10-7:10pm Room MR37

Abstract: Stories should invite learners to make the characters and the language their own. This presentation will provide participants with practical ways for learners to interact with graded readers in and out of the classroom. Based on experience as a classroom teacher, program coordinator, and materials writer, the presenter will share some pitfalls best avoided along with plenty of example activities to support readers interacting with their reading on both a textual and a narrative level.