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JALT 2012 Featured Speaker Workshop Preview

I was very lucky to be selected as a Featured Speaker at this years Japan Association for Langauge Teaching International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning at ACT City, Hamamatsu. My workshop is titled “Writing for your readers: Tools and approaches” and is really aimed at teachers who want to write graded readers for their own classes or for publication. I will especially focus on vocabulary and cohesion as elements of readability. The workshop will include some personal experiences (including failures–learn from my mistakes, please), useful websites, and some actual writing practice. For more background, please see my article from The Language Teacher.

I have two ungraded texts that I plan to use during the workshop. They are short, but so is our time in Hamamatsu. Ninety minutes will go by quickly. If you are planning on attending my workshop, please take a minute to download the two texts to adapt. Just two pages of A4, including notes and instructions, so it isn’t overwhelming. Of course, I will have plenty of printed handouts at the conference, but if you get a head start by at least reading the original texts, you’ll enjoy the workshop much more.

I’ll be watching this post for comments if you have any questions. If you are really adventurous, you might even consider posting your own adaptations here before Sunday. It would be great to get the discussion started early.

Thanks, and see you in Hamamatsu!