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Course 1 UbD Planner: Understanding Publications

Note for visitors: This is my final project for COETAIL Course 1. If you are unfamialr with Understanding By Design (as I was until very recently) you might want to look at this.


For my first UbD planner in Course 1 of COETAIL, I took a bit of a departure and addressed teachers not students. Many thanks to Trent Citrano who was writing his UbD for parents and pointed me to some useful resources.


The Japan Association for Language Teaching is a national organization of about 2,600 members. The organization’s motto is “Teaching to learn-Learning to teach” which sums up what members do and how JALT aims to help them. JALT is an NPO and must comply with Tokyo Metropolitan Government regulations. We have a lengthy constitution, longer bylaws, and many other rules we have to abide by. This can be a challenge for a large organization with many groups under its umbrella.

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